About me


Third sector experience

I started my fundraising career in 2006, specialising in corporate partnerships.  I have worked for some of the most well-known charities in the UK, managing a number of multi-million pound projects and teams.  I have a proven track record in:

- Account Management

- Partnership development

- New business

- Campaigns

- Team leadership


Professional and personal development

For 16 years, I have been committed to learning about the skills, frameworks and tools needed to excel personally and professionally.  I am passionate about sharing this with others through mentoring, coaching and training to help them overcome obstacles, achieve a goal or simply get better at what they do.  This includes:

- Building confidence and self-awareness

- Communication skills

- Understanding personality types

- Relationship and rapport building

- Team culture and leadership

- Mindset

- Assertiveness

- Influencing and negotiating

- Presenting and public speaking

- Time and priority management



  • One-to-one coaching
  • Trained course facilitator
  • Action Learning Set Facilitator
  • Public speaking
  • Consultant

What people say about me

Team culture and performance

“What I will remember you most for is the transformation of the whole corporate team. Changing that atmosphere is never a quick win. And that’s what made your immediate impact all the more impressive! The two parts became one team, and a new energy came back into that side of the organisation. And it has only continued to grow, and the standards of the team have improved dramatically – I look at a team of experts who know what they’re trying to achieve and have confidence in themselves to get there. That all stems from your leadership. It was amazing to see, and all happened so seamlessly. You have left a legacy here.” 

People development

"Sara has been a fantastic manager and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with her over the last two and a half years. Her strategy and approach to running the corporate partnerships team has led to brilliant results, not just for the organisation and its fundraising, but to each and every member of staff.  Her interest and commitment to my own personal development has been hugely transformational for me, and I use her advice daily in the way I approach tasks and people. There aren't many times in one's career that you get to work with someone quite so inspiring and outstanding at what they do.  The legacy she has left our team and organisation will have a long-lasting impact in the years to come."

Corporate Partnerships

"Sara is one of the best fundraisers and line managers I've ever had the pleasure to work for. She made me fall in love with corporate partnerships, and taught me nearly everything I knew by the time I left. I feel so thankful to have worked with her, and truly believe anyone who has the pleasure to do so is incredibly lucky."